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We are the Best Christmas Tree Providers in Central Coast Australia.

We grow and take care of these tree whole year so that they can be a part of your happiness each Christmas.  If you are interested to get one, you can book your tree now. Please message any other inquiries you might have. We will reply as soon as we can.
Christmas is special for us, Let’s make it more beautiful and less stressful. We will also deliver the tree to your place for just minimum delivery charge.   Thanks for your support 🎄

Our Clients from Central Coast loved to share pictures of their Christmas tree.

Have a look your self!

We are offering homeowners and Christmas enthusiasts a wide selection of real Christmas trees in every size and style. Last year, there were a lot of happy buyers who went home with their chosen Christmas trees. Our Buyers love to come with their family to tag their tree. We are honored by your trust.

Don’t miss out this year!

Tagging Starts on 2nd November

Come out to our farm and choose a beautiful live Christmas Tree.

Looking for Tree Stand?

We have the best Christmas tree stands you can buy

To secure the trunk, you put the tree in the base and tighten the cable using the foot pedal ratchet. The foot pedal stays in place, thanks to a security lock that prevents unintentional opening of the cable.  The best Christmas tree stands are designed to last for many decades, have a stable base that holds plenty of water, are easy to set up, and store easily after the holidays are over.


Choose your genuine Christmas Tree

Come out to our farm and choose a beautiful live Christmas Tree. We have thousands of Christmas Trees growing at our farm.

Real Christmas Trees from $32 Only.

It’s not just the look of a beautifully-shaped pine tree, it’s the smell! A genuine pine Christmas Tree fills your home with a beautiful aroma right through the Christmas season. It really feels like Christmas when you have a live Christmas Tree in your home

How We Tag the Trees for You

We put Tag on the tree you chose, and when it’s ready for delivery there is no confusion with your choice. The kids will love wandering through the farm and choosing their own tree. It is a special day for them to look forward to.

Visit Our Farm with your Family

We would love to see you at our farm with your lovely family.Christmas is a time for family and friends.This year, start a family tradition and get a beautiful fresh Christmas Tree.

Most Affordable Pricing

We are the offering the most cheapest prices you can get.  We are most affordable you can get for the tree, stand and home delivery.

Quality Christmas Tree Stands

If you don’t have one, you’ll need a stand for your tree. We’ve shopped around to bring you a range of strong, easy-care stands at great prices. Check out the range on our Prices page

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